PhD Students

2016-2020 Asbjørn Nordentoft
2013-2016 Giacomo Cherubini: Studies in the hyperbolic circle problem
2011-2014  Flemming von Essen : Automorphic forms – Multiplier Systems and Taylor Coefficients
2005-2009 Jimi Lee Truelsen : Distribution results in automorphic forms and analytic number theory.

Masters students

2018 Mads Friis Frand-Madsen, Equidistribution of zeroes
2018 Kasper Müller, Sphere packings
2017 Jens Siegstad, The Selberg Trace Formula.
2014 Camilla Frantzen, The Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem.
2013 Christina Slaatorn, Vinogradov’s three primes theorem.
2012 Bo Malling Christensen, The Lindelöf Conjecture.

Bachelor projects

2018 Stine Valgreen, Sieve methods, and twin primes.
2018 Rasmus Brammer, Primes in arithmetic progression.
2018 Erik Lange, The prime number theorem
2018 Jasmin Madsen,  p-adic numbers
2017 Helle Bertelsen, p-adic numbers
2016 Astrid Mortensen, The AKS algorithm
2016 Sebastian Tim Holdum, Weyls law and the Gauss’ circle problem
2015 Anders Aamand, The Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem
2015 Asbjørn Nordentoft, Primes close together
2015 Bjarke Østergård Nielsen, Dirichlets unit theorem
2015 Hector Hougaard, p-adic numbers and the Hasse-Minkovski Theorem
2014 Rikke Langhede, Higher order reciprocity.
2014 Mathilde Kjær Pedersen, The AKS algorithm.
2014 Kristoffer Holm Nielsen, Pell’s equation and Archimedes’ revenge.
2013 Mathis Elmgaard Isaksen, Phragmén Lindelöf princippet.
2013 Freja Elbro, Modular forms.
2013 Nilin Abrahamsen, A central limit theorem for the free group
2011 Niels Andreas Hvitved, Billing-Mahlers sætning (Billing-Mahlers theorem)
2010 Peter Humphries, Elementary proof of the prime number theorem
2007 Diana Bertelsen, Primtalssætningen (The prime number theorem)
2006 Jesper Vejgaard Knudsen, Primtal i arithmetiske progressioner. (Primes in arithmetic progressions)

2008 Rune Bak og Martin Damhus Tate’s thesis